Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting Started

So you want FREE ZEN on Perfect World, Ether Saga, or Jade Dynasty? I can help!

Did you know that Perfect World Entertainment has been offering FREE ZEN now for a long time, but most people who play never take advantage of it! I'm going to show you exactly how to claim your FREE ZEN. First go to the Perfect World offers page, located here. The firs thing you will see is a whole list of offers for FREE ZEN. But wait a minute, don't just start clicking stuff at random, unless you want to get charged a ton of money for stuff you don't want! Let's show you how to find the FREE ZEN offers.

Perfect World currently uses three different outsourced client companies for its ZEN offers. These clients are:

Depending on the luck of the draw, you will now see one of these three client's offer list. Of the three, only Gambit and SuperRewards currently have any FREE ZEN offers. If you happen to be unlucky and only see offers from OfferPal Media, keep hitting your "refresh" button on your browser until you get either Gambit or SuperRewards.

Now that you have a Gambit or SuperRewards client list, click the tab marked "FREE". You now have a whole list of offers at your disposal to complete for FREE ZEN!

Want more detailed instructions, or help in finding the best offers for FREE ZEN in Perfect World? Go check out our Big List of FREE ZEN offers!


  1. You should have kept up with the site!! I have a blog and a Perfect World International Tips site I have started though, for anyone who is interested